Laser cutting acrylic


Acrylic is common plastic material used as signage, toys, jewellery, display holders, tableware, tanks and containers.

acrylic laser cutting

Types of acrylic for laser cutting

► Clear acrylic ► Black acrylic

► Acrylic in wide range of colors ► Mirrored acrylic

Laser cut jobs on acrylic, the cutting edges and inner contours are crystal-clear, no black marks or burrs. After laser cutting, if no protective layer, Acrylic is easily scratched, in general, we cut acrylic with double layers, if you need custom parts directly, we can take the layers away and pack them well in PP bag.

Acrylic also a suitable material on laser engraving, marking, meanwhile we also provide folding & bending services in custom acrylic parts, all services we can make in one house.